Spring is on its way, which means new kitchen trends are emerging to take us through the year. Here are the major new trends to give your kitchen a makeover this spring, and we are ensuring our clients’ kitchens in Liverpool are right at the forefront of the latest kitchen styles.

1. Dark, dramatic colours

This spring, kitchens are set to go bold and dramatic. Black and navy are extremely popular shades for tiles and cabinetry, but the main trend this season is green. Emerald or forest green tiles are ideal for giving your kitchen a stunning new look, and dark green cabinets are also leading the way when it comes to style.
However, if you don’t want your room to look too overwhelmed with green, you can choose to embrace this trend in a subtler way, such as including a green feature wall or painted accents on your cabinet doors.
This fashion for dark colours coordinates particularly well with another major kitchen trend for spring 2019 – light wood flooring.

2. Integrated kitchen worktops and splashbacks

Splashbacks no longer have to be tiled – the latest trend for spring 2019 is to have splashbacks made from slabs of the same material as your kitchen worktops, with quartz and marble being particularly popular choices.
This trend really works on a number of levels – for a start, it creates a chic, expensive look where every element of the kitchen appears coordinated and well-planned. It also makes your kitchen look larger, as there are none of the dividing lines created by tiles; just one continuous flow.
On a practical level, integrated splashbacks are also more hygienic and easier to clean, as the grouting between tiles can harbour dirt and germs.

3. Multi-functional islands

The latest trend in the home is for “broken plan” rather than completely open plan living. The idea is to divide your living space into a number of clearly defined zones, while still maintaining the continuous flow of light and movement throughout the space. A kitchen island is ideal for this, as it creates a natural divide between the kitchen and the living space, without the need for a wall.
However, the more functionality you can get from your island, the better. These days many people use the island as a dining area with seating around it and pendant lighting overhead. Even better, choose an island which contains concealed storage such as cupboards and drawers, adding more useful space to your kitchen.

4. Maximum food storage space

Spring 2019 sees the demand for bespoke larders returning in a big way. The idea of having a dedicated space to store all your food at the ideal temperature is increasingly appealing to a wide variety of homeowners.
However, if a larder isn’t possible in your kitchen, you still need to create as much food storage space as possible. Consider a pull-out pantry to make the best use of a tall, narrow space; take your cabinetry right up to the ceiling; and of course, invest in an island containing plenty of storage.

5. Opulent features

While streamlined, minimalist kitchens are still very much in style, there is a new trend for dressing them up a bit by adding a few touches of opulence and glamour. This fashion works particularly well against the new dark and dramatic kitchen colours which are the height of chic this season.
Choose ornate lanterns or vintage pendant lamps to highlight your dining area, and add some sparkle with gold or brass tapware and handles, for a luxurious and stylish look.
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If you would like to bring this season’s trends into your own kitchen, and want to consult with an experienced designer to find out the best ways of achieving your dream kitchen, HB Kitchens are always happy to help. Please contact us to find out more about our bespoke fitted kitchens in Liverpool.