Custom Kitchen Worktops

As part of your personalised customer journey, here at HB Kitchens we can offer you a wide variety of worktops to complete your new bespoke kitchen. While cabinetry and layout are the main decisions you make when designing your new kitchen, never underestimate the impact that worktop choice will have on the overall scheme.

Custom Worktops Wood

Worktop materials are available at a variety of price points from affordable laminates to the more expensive and hard wearing Quartz and Granite options. As expert kitchen worktop fitters, we can guide you through these options, considering your lifestyle, budget and the look you want to achieve. Timber worktops are a traditional favourite and offer warmth and the character that comes as it ages, while Corian offers a slick and seamless effect. Materials can be combined, such as mixing Timber with Quartz offering endless possibilities for your unique space.

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