How many of us are guilty of ‘shoving’ item after item into our cupboards promising ourselves to have a good clear out at some point?

There is nothing worse than opening a cupboard to be greeted by mounds of clutter due to a lack of space and organisation. For those who are considering investing in their dream kitchen, HB Kitchens Liverpool will always look at the best storage solutions to maximise the full potential of your kitchen space.

A great solution is a product we install regularly and is extremely popular with our customers.

Modelled after the LeMans racetrack ( yes really !) the LeMans shelving system combines sleek, modern design with ease of access to blind corner cabinets where the space is often underutilised.

Each shelf or tray ( with normally two stacked in each cabinet ) cleverly swivels out from around the corner independently allowing you to easily reach for your essentials. The rotation axis has a hydraulic soft close device, preventing the tray from slamming shut. The shelves are specially shaped to allow them to swing around the corner of the cabinet which is reminiscent of the famous motor racing circuit hence the name, LeMans.

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