The kitchen is constantly evolving, and we keep ourselves at the forefront of the industry so we can bring you the latest developments as they happen! Here are some of the latest products and innovations making their way to kitchens in Liverpool this year, which you won’t want to be without.

Smart Kitchen Technology

Digital technology can make your home life easier in a huge number of ways – and it’s now making its way into the kitchen.
Traditional appliances such as ovens, fridges and washing machines can now increasingly be controlled via smartphone apps, making multitasking in the kitchen a lot simpler and safer than it has ever been before.
Want an oven that knows how long to cook your food for? You can have it.
But it doesn’t stop there – smart appliances are now able to connect to each other, providing you with a completely streamlined and efficient kitchen. One of the latest kitchen innovations is a smart fridge from Samsung with an inbuilt screen, which can be used to adjust the thermostat or even check who’s at the door. Genius!

Digital Kitchen Assistants

We can’t all be celebrity chefs with teams of helpers. But a digital assistant can make life in your kitchen a lot easier.
Digital kitchen assistants are small voice-activated robots that stand on your kitchen worktops and read out the next stage of a recipe when you ask them to, or help you time your cooking. In the future, they’ll be able to connect to a smart hob via a camera, so they’ll actually be able to help with the cooking process, too. Leading electronic companies including Bosch and Panasonic are currently trialling this amazing concept.

Sous Vide Cookers

If you haven’t yet heard of Sous Vide cooking, you soon will – it’s one of the major culinary crazes of 2018. Professional chefs have been using this technique for years, as it guarantees practically perfect results for every dish you cook.
It involves vacuum-sealing your food in a bag, and cooking it in a water bath kept at a very precise temperature. This results in tasty, tender food which can then be seared to suit your taste if you prefer a crispy outer texture. There are now numerous Sous Vide machines available which come with everything you need to get started, including their own water baths.

Innovative Kitchen Cabinets

Storage solutions are getting increasingly clever, helping you free up more space in your kitchen and improve its functionality. Kitchen cabinets no longer have to be boxy, with doors that open out to the side, as these can take up a lot of room.
Some of the most innovative designs in 2018 feature new styles of cabinets. Sliding doors are now hugely popular, as they still allow complete access to your cabinets without restricting the space while you’re cooking.
Some people are even going a step further and choosing open cabinets that are recessed into the wall. This creates more physical space as your cabinets aren’t protruding from the wall. It also makes the kitchen look bigger by keeping the lines of the walls unbroken.
What kitchen innovations do you want?
If you’d like to have your own kitchen professionally designed, incorporating all the essential innovations you need to truly make it your own, please get in touch. As designers and installers of bespoke fitted kitchens in Liverpool, our team will be happy to discuss your needs and create the perfect solution for your home.