The kitchen work triangle is a concept used to determine efficient kitchen layouts that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, where the primary tasks are carried out between the cooker, the sink and the refrigerator.

The question is whether this concept has become a little restricting or is it a rule we should still adhere to?

We would say that a truly hardworking kitchen should be tailored as a response to your habits. It’s true that there should be a working relationship between the sink, fridge and cooker, however, our kitchen and living areas have now become more open plan, many built on a larger scale with the Island becoming a feature increasingly used with its multi purpose functions. The cook is no longer tucked away preparing a meal with everybody else in the next room. Families are together more in one space, where it is more likely that cooking tasks will be shared.

It sounds straightforward but mapping out a space that delivers ease and efficiency takes time and real planning. So, another way of approaching the planning of your kitchen is to think about how your family functions together and the daily routines that are carried out in that space.

Then consider how items should be corralled into broad categories. Items should have a designated home based on the frequency of use. Daily and frequently used items should be easy to reach. For example, a frequent baker may want all of their trays, utensils, food mixer and ingredients in one cupboard next to the oven. A curry fan may want a designated spice cupboard within easy reach of the hob. A batch cooker needs plenty of freezer space and a place to keep plenty of storage containers.

So, although we can broadly maintain the work triangle concept, we can also think more laterally by thinking more creatively and looking at design from another perspective.

HB Kitchens are always keen to think outside the box, maximise on space and storage solutions as well as designing and installing kitchens that work for you and your family, as ‘one’ size does not fit all.