We would all love to create more space in our kitchens, but this can be difficult depending on the design of your home. However, there are a number of clever tricks you can use to create the illusion of more space, even if you have a particularly small kitchen.
Here are some of the techniques we suggest in our work designing kitchens in Liverpool, to help our clients achieve the roomy-looking kitchens of their dreams, even when the available space is limited.

1. Go for an all-white colour scheme

The lighter your colour scheme, the more spacious your kitchen will appear. All-white kitchens are now extremely popular, and they have the advantage of making the kitchen look as large as possible. This is because white reflects light better than any other colour, so by keeping your walls, cabinetry, island and kitchen table white, you will automatically make your kitchen look and feel bigger.
Choosing light-coloured kitchen worktops, such as marble or quartz, will also add to the bright, spacious feel while providing a subtle contrast due to the unique patterning that runs through natural stone. As for the flooring, if all-white is too clinical or too high-maintenance for you, go for a light wood, as this will warm up the décor scheme without making the room look too dark and cramped.

2. Let in as much light as possible

Giving your kitchen a bright and airy feel will give the impression of more space. If you feel comfortable, get rid of your curtains or other window coverings, to allow in as much natural light as possible. Having no curtains or blinds will also make the room look less cluttered, which will give it a roomier feel.
You can also help the effect with a carefully-planned lighting design. Pendant lighting above the island or dining table will highlight the main focal point of the room, while you can also add lighting above and below your cabinets, to eliminate dark corners and create a lighter, brighter ambience.

3. Make clever use of reflections

Another way to make your kitchen look bigger is to make sure the light is being reflected as effectively as possible. You can achieve this by choosing a gloss finish for your tiles and cabinetry, rather than matte. These sparkling surfaces will bounce the light around the room, making it look more spacious. Stainless steel appliances also have this effect.
If you have a long, narrow kitchen, you can increase the amount of light and create the illusion of more space by positioning a mirror on the narrow wall at the end. The reflection will make your kitchen appear almost double its size.

4. Choose large tiles

The floor and wall tiles you choose also have an effect on the size your kitchen appears to be. If you want to maximise the feeling of space in your kitchen, you need as few dividing lines as possible, as these draw the eye and make the room appear cluttered. For this reason, you should choose tiles which are as large as possible, so you have fewer dividing lines between them.
Using the same tiles on the walls and the floor can also help to make the room look larger, as this creates an unbroken line and colour scheme.

5. Eliminate clutter

If you want your kitchen to appear more spacious, this means creating clean lines, and keeping all surfaces as clutter-free as possible. Any appliances you don’t use regularly should be stored away, not left on the kitchen worktops. There are plenty of clever solutions you can use to create more storage space, such as installing cupboards in your kitchen island and behind your kickboards, and choosing cabinets which reach to the ceiling so no space is wasted.
Ideally, you should aim to have just a few personal items on display. You can also go for push-close cabinet doors and drawers, as handles can make the room appear more cluttered. The cleaner and more streamlined the lines in your kitchen, the larger it will appear.
More clever kitchen design ideas
If you want more innovative design ideas to make the best use of the space in your kitchen and make it look and feel bigger, please contact us. We design and install custom fitted kitchens in Liverpool, and are always happy to discuss the best solutions for you.