5 Kitchen Gadgets to Change Your Life

Technology moves fast, and there is a constant stream of new gadgets coming on the market to make life easier in the kitchen. Here are five of our favourite gadgets which we’re seeing in kitchens in Liverpool, and they will truly change your life.

1. See-through toaster

Toast may be one of life’s simplest pleasures, but our preferences for it are as individual as we are! We all know how we like our toast, but there is often an amount of guesswork involved in getting it right.
Whether you prefer your toast pale, golden or almost black, you will never need to waste a slice again, thanks to the innovative Magimix Vision Toaster. It fits four slices, and the bread compartments are completely see-through, so you can take your toast out at exactly the right time, every time.

2. Herb scissors

Presentation is an important part of any meal, but it can be extremely difficult to chop herbs to a professional standard when you are under pressure in the kitchen. It can be time-consuming trying to slice them precisely with a knife, and there is always the risk of getting some nasty cuts to your fingers.
Thankfully, Chefast have created a pair of scissors which can chop herbs like a top chef. They work exactly like regular scissors, but they have five blades, capable of slicing through all kinds of herbs and even vegetables. The scissors also come with two handy drawstring bags, so you can keep your herbs fresh for future use.

3. Healthy fryer

We all love fried food as an indulgence, but it isn’t thought of as a particularly healthy option. Now, however, you can enjoy tasty fries with 80 percent less fat content, thanks to the Philips Viva Collection Airfryer.
This handy little gadget can produce crispy food from frozen in a fraction of the time it would take to cook conventionally. It can also roast, bake and grill, and comes with a recipe app which tells you how to achieve perfect results. Small and compact, the Airfryer fits easily on your kitchen worktops. Detach the handle when you’re done, and the rest of the appliance is completely dishwasher safe. Truly revolutionary!

4. Smart lightbulbs

You don’t always want the same ambience in the kitchen, but smart lighting can be difficult to install, as it often involves changing your light switches. Now there is an easier option available, which requires no installation work but instantly gives you smart control over your lighting.
WIZ Connected Lightbulbs can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet, or even with your voice via Google Home or Amazon Alexa, so you can make your kitchen look exactly the way you want it, without even being in the room. With several different shades of white and a huge 16 million colour options to choose from, you can change the ambience in the kitchen to suit your mood and the occasion.

5. Digital food preparation assistant

Ever wished you had a robot companion to take care of food preparation? The Vorwerk Thermomix is just about as close as you can get. This clever device can weigh ingredients, chop, mix and blend, as well as taking care of some cooking tasks such as simmering and steaming.
Ideal for making soups and stews, the Thermomix can also produce perfect mixes for cakes and sauces in a matter of minutes. It’s a compact little unit that you won’t know how you lived without!
Of course, the right gadgets are only part of creating a kitchen that truly suits your needs. If you would like a kitchen that’s designed to meet your own specifications, please contact us here at HB Kitchens. We specialise in creating and installing custom fitted kitchens in Liverpool, and we are always happy to help.