It’s that time of year when many people are undertaking renovations before the cold winter months set in, and we’re seeing some definite trends emerging for kitchens in Liverpool and throughout the UK. Here are five of our favourite kitchen looks guaranteed to give the heart of your home a fresh injection of personality.


  1. Colours and patterns

Safe, monochrome decor has been on the kitchen menu for too long, and finally, trendsetters are starting to take braver chances with their kitchens again. Bright colours are making their way back into the kitchen – green is top of the list looking forward into 2018, but we’re also seeing accents of blue, grey and aubergine featuring prominently.

Bold patterns are now being used side-by-side in kitchens, particularly in tiles and splashbacks. Hexagonal tiles are particularly popular, as are geometric patterns and brightly-coloured brick shapes.

When it comes to cabinetry, choose the latest painted cabinets in either a high-gloss or matt finish.


  1. Natural materials

Texture is one of the most important kitchen trends at the moment, and one of the best ways to achieve an interesting textured look is to include a variety of natural elements in your kitchen. Wood is making a serious comeback this season, particularly for tables, benches, stools and chairs, while cork is returning as a flooring material, preferably with a wicker mat thrown on top.

When it comes to kitchen worktops in Liverpool, natural stone is still the only choice – granite is the ideal, but if budget constraints are a problem then there are several composite alternatives which enable you to achieve the look without breaking the bank.


  1. Industrial chic

An industrial kitchen is as much about functionality as it is about beauty – or perhaps one becomes the other. Subtly-designed cabinetry in neutral shades will really allow the stainless steel appliances to shine – and if you want to take the dazzling metal finish one step further, stainless steel is also appearing more frequently as a worktop option. Metro tiles are the obvious choice for splashbacks.

Copper taps and visible pipes lend this look an authentic twist; and to get the image right you’ll need bare brick or concrete walls, with utilitarian lighting overhead.


  1. Cutting edge technology

The smart home is no longer something from science fiction – it’s actually here, and nowhere is it being celebrated more than in the kitchen this year. Gone are the days when appliances were hidden; now you want to show off the fact that you have all the latest gadgets at your disposal. Induction hobs integrated into the worktop are the latest in tech fashion, and charging stations are also a must in any modern kitchen. Other top gadgets include boiling water taps and pop-up extractor fans.

The tech look is sleek and streamlined – while you want your appliances on display, the overall effect should be one of uncluttered efficiency. Think grey, handle-less cabinetry and white tiles for best effect, and complete the look with a smooth curved island.


  1. Traditional style

Trends come and go, but there will always be love in many hearts for a traditional kitchen. The Shaker style never really goes out of fashion, and it’s front and centre this season. Don’t be afraid to dress a Shaker kitchen up or down, depending on your taste – country cottage elements are finally being seen again, with pastel paintwork in blue, pink and yellow. A range cooker makes an ideal feature in a country-style kitchen.

For a more modern twist, add a stainless steel worktop and some LED lighting to highlight the main features of your kitchen. This contemporary look works well with dramatic paint shades such as charcoal grey or even a deep red.


For further advice

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