Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions

Whatever the size of your kitchen, the right storage solutions will enable you to make the best use of the space, as well as keeping it looking tidy and clean! Here are some of the many innovative kitchen storage solutions that are becoming increasingly popular for kitchens in Liverpool and throughout the UK.


  1. Wall Hooks

Wall hooks can be ideal for hanging utensils and even pans – this can also look attractive in a kitchen, especially if you’ve invested in some contemporary stainless steel cookware. This method of storage frees up cupboard and drawer space for other items and also helps to keep your kitchen worktops clear, making your kitchen look tidier.


  1. A pull-out pantry

Pull-out pantries are becoming increasingly popular – they’re long, narrow cupboards that literally pull out like a vertical drawer. They contain shelving and can be the ideal space-saving solution for storing tinned goods, particularly if you can fit one into space that wouldn’t otherwise be used, such as at the side of the fridge freezer.


  1. Keep crockery in a drawer

Crockery drawers are highly innovative and increase the safety of your kitchen, as many of us keep our crockery in wall-mounted cabinets – this means we’re often reaching up to access heavy, breakable items. Crockery drawers are specifically designed for the job – they pull out horizontally like any other drawer but come with moveable pegs inside to hold different sizes of plates and dishes securely.


  1. Organise your cupboard space

Often when we look into our cupboards we realise that we could make far better use of the space by tidying them up and organising them more effectively. This is simple to do – wicker storage baskets will fit neatly inside your cupboards and can be a great way of segregating your food into different types for quick and easy access. It works equally well for utensils, cleaning products, and a wide variety of other kitchen essentials.

Additionally, you can utilise the space on the backs of cupboard doors by hanging storage pockets there – this can be a great place to keep your recipes or packet mixes!






As a special update for our readers, we have a testimonial from one of our recent customers explaining the storage solutions we’ve put in place for them:


We had our kitchen completely refurbished by Hand Built Kitchens, working together with a local builder who did the structural work required and have been delighted with the result.


Our kitchen is quite small so there was limited scope for changing the layout, but Julien helped us to get the most we could from the available space. He visited us beforehand to assess the job and spent time listening to our wishes and discussing the options. Unlike some kitchen suppliers we have used before, we felt the discussion was very much two-way and there was no attempt to steer us towards a particular solution. The focus was always on what we wanted and what was possible, and we were particularly impressed with the attention paid to the small details that made such a difference to the end result.


We were very pleased with the quality of the units, worktops and accessories, and the work was carried out efficiently and to a high standard. Overall we were very impressed and would highly recommend HB Kitchens to anyone looking for a new kitchen


Client Testimonial: Bob & Pat Lobley


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