It’s a new year, and we are all filled with exciting ideas about creative cooking and eating for 2019. However, the design of your kitchen can have a massive impact on your culinary creativity.
Here we take a look at some of the most creative elements we have seen in kitchens in Liverpool, and how they can improve your quality of life in the kitchen this year.

Remember the kitchen triangle

To get truly creative in your kitchen, you need your movements to be as free as possible, with easy access to the three main elements: the stove, the refrigerator and the sink. Because of this, kitchen designers use the principle of the “kitchen triangle”, where these three important elements are positioned in a roughly triangular shape, with clear floorspace between them. This creates a harmonious, rotational flow of movement when you’re preparing food, enabling you to make the best possible use of the space.
If you are thinking of redesigning your kitchen this year, the kitchen triangle is an important design technique to bear in mind. You’ll find you can unleash much more kitchen creativity if your movement is unimpeded, even if this means repositioning your island or kitchen table.

Make your island multi-functional

A kitchen island comes in extremely handy as an additional eating space, and can act as an extra food preparation surface alongside your kitchen worktops. However, your island can be transformed to provide a whole lot more functionality with a few creative alterations.
As the insides of islands are usually hollow, you can create extra storage space by adding cupboard doors and interior shelving. Sliding doors make the most sense here, to preserve the island’s clean lines and make it easier to arrange seating around. This additional cupboard space is ideal for storing your plates and dishes, as it keeps them close to hand when you’re ready to eat.
For a really creative solution, choose an island with a pull-out dining table. The table surface can be hidden cleverly within the island when it is not in use, creating more floor space in your kitchen.

Save space with corner drawers

Corner drawers are cleverly cut into a V-shape at the front, enabling them to slot perfectly into the space where your ground-level cabinets meet, so you can utilise the space behind them. Usually located within easy reach of the stove and sink, corner drawers are the ideal place for storing utensils, cutlery, tea towels and any other small items which you use regularly in the kitchen.
As well as providing you with some much-needed extra storage space, corner drawers complete the look of your kitchen, giving it a streamlined and stylish appearance.

Add some personality with open shelving

Open shelving is one of the best ways to make your kitchen your own. No matter what size and shape your kitchen is, you can personalise it by adding open or floating shelves to the wall space in convenient places.
Unlike wall units, which are a fixed shape and size, open shelves can be configured in any position and pattern you choose. What you put on them is up to you, too – they can be a stylish way of keeping your herbs and spices organised, or you can inject some personality into your kitchen by using your shelves to display family photos, plants, candles or ornaments.

Want a creative kitchen design for 2019?

If you would like some expert creative design ideas for your kitchen this year, please contact us. We have years of experience designing and installing custom fitted kitchens in Liverpool, and will be happy to consult with you to find out how we can transform your kitchen in 2019.