How a Custom Made Kitchen can Save You Money

Custom built kitchens are becoming increasingly popular – we’ve been inundated with requests for bespoke kitchens in Liverpool lately! The reason for this is that more homeowners are realising that while DIY options can initially seem cheaper, a custom made kitchen can actually save you a lot of money in the long run. Here are a few reasons why.


You get to work with a top designer

If you don’t have any experience at planning and installing kitchens, it can be easy to make mistakes – from simple things like getting the measurements of your kitchen worktops wrong, right through to damaging structural walls. When you’re refurbishing your kitchen, any mistakes can be time-consuming and very costly.

Having a kitchen custom made for your home saves you this trouble. A top designer will consult with you and create the kitchen you want. They’re highly experienced and will measure everything accurately, as well as understanding which structural features can and can’t be touched! Professional kitchen designers also employ expert tradesmen who will fit your kitchen to the very highest standards, preventing the nightmares that so often crop up when you’re trying to do it yourself.


They can use the existing layout

Even if you’re highly imaginative with strong creative skills, it can be difficult to reimagine your existing kitchen without wanting to move everything around. The trouble is, this is often the most costly part of a kitchen refurbishment – and it’s entirely avoidable if you have the right experience.

Professional designers are used to creating new concepts for kitchens without having to move the existing plumbing and gas supply points. This saves you a great deal of money, and you’ll still end up with a beautiful new kitchen that is designed to fulfil your vision and looks completely different from its predecessor!


They use high-quality materials

If DIY kitchens are sold at cheap prices, this is because they are often made from cheap materials. It’s false economy, as these kitchens are not built to last – and it can also be extremely hazardous to your health and that of your family. For example, DIY kitchen worktops are often made from cheap veneers which can peel, crack or flake. This not only looks unsightly, it can also harbour harmful bacteria.

Cheap kitchen cabinets are even more dangerous, as they are often constructed from flimsy materials which can’t hold the weight of crockery or pans once they’re attached to the wall. This can cause them to detach themselves from the wall over time. Not only is this highly dangerous, it can also be very expensive to fix, as it will damage the wall and cause it to need replastering before any new cabinetry can be attached.

A bespoke kitchen will always be made from much higher quality materials than off-the-shelf options, but they may not require much more initial outlay. This is because professional designers have numerous contacts within the trade, who can source the high-quality items you want at cheaper prices than you’ll find in the DIY stores.


You’ll get a consultation which includes budgeting

When you consult with a professional kitchen designer, they will establish a clear outline of how your vision for your kitchen can be achieved – and they’ll want to know your budget, so they can stay within it. They know all the tricks of the trade and are highly innovative at finding ways to save you money without compromising the end result.


What you end up with is a kitchen that is truly unique to your home, and is built to last for many years to come!


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