Christmas is nearly here, and kitchens in Liverpool are being spruced up and scrubbed in readiness for the party season! Remember, your kitchen is the area of your home where many of your guests will want to spend the most time – we all know the cool people can be found in the kitchen at parties! This is why it’s important to give your kitchen some extra-special care and attention to make sure it’s completely ready for when your guests arrive. We’ve put together a few tips to get your kitchen party-ready this festive season.


Plan ahead

Planning in advance is the easiest and most effective way to make sure your party goes as smoothly as possible. Make a detailed list of things that need to be done, and work through it methodically. Keep a pen close to hand in the days leading up to your party, in case you need to add to the list as you go along!


Give it a good clean

Clean your kitchen thoroughly before the party if you want to impress your guests. The kitchen worktops, backsplashes floor are areas that you really need to concentrate on as they are immediately visible. However, you should also remember to clean the insides of your cupboards as well as inside the oven and microwave – you never know when someone will decide to open a door, and you don’t want them to be greeted with an embarrassing mess.


Tidy away your clutter

We all tend to leave things lying around in our kitchens that don’t really belong there and make the place look messy. These should all be tidied away into cupboards and drawers to leave the maximum amount of space free. If you need to box up certain items, make sure you label the contents of the boxes clearly so you won’t have to worry about finding things after your guests have gone. Be particularly careful about paperwork – many of us leave letters and bills in the kitchen, but these need to be cleared away before the party. Not only do they look unsightly, they could also be at risk of getting lost or damaged while the party’s in full swing.


Add some decorative touches

Once your kitchen is spotlessly clean and tidy, consider adding a vase of fresh flowers or some scented candles to create atmosphere and make your home more welcoming. Or at this time of year, your party could give you the perfect excuse to get those Christmas decorations out of storage – you never know who’ll be waiting under the mistletoe!


Minimise the risk of breakages

Leave glasses, plates and other essential party items in an easily accessible place where your guests can see them, such as on the kitchen worktops. This will save you having to serve the drinks all night, and also prevents your guests from rummaging through your cupboards – breakages can easily happen this way, especially when there’s alcohol involved. If your party is informal, you can even consider stocking up on disposable plastic glasses and plates for the evening – this guarantees there’ll be no broken glass or smashed crockery to deal with, as well as saving you a huge amount of time on the washing up afterwards!


Be prepared for spillages

Spillages will happen on the night, so it’s essential to keep a cloth and some cleaning products within easy reach during your party. Remember that the longer you leave a stain untreated on a surface, the harder it will be to remove, so it’s important to act on it as quickly as you can.

Now all that remains is to get your party clothes on, and remember to enjoy the night! We at HB Kitchens wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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