Clean lines and minimalist styling are most homeowners’ choice for modern kitchens – but they can lack a personal touch. We are regularly asked by clients how they can make their kitchens in Liverpool reflect their own personalities and feel more homely. Here are our top tips for making your kitchen the true heart of your home, without having to compromise on style.

1. Add a splash of colour

Not all kitchens have to be uniform white, black or grey. Colour is making a huge comeback in the kitchen in 2018 – and as long as you know how to use it, your kitchen can still be the essence of contemporary chic while reflecting your own taste.

Blues, greens and aubergines are particularly popular this year (but just choose one of these, not all three together). Darker shades work well on a feature wall, while a lighter shade of the same colour can be used to highlight kitchen cabinet doors.

2. Try some textiles

Some carefully placed soft materials can break up the harsh lines of a modern kitchen and give it a more homely feel. A patterned rug will complement a stone or wooden floor, and make your kitchen feel warmer. Colourful cushions are ideal for bringing bar stools to life, and even fabric lampshades can add a great personal touch to pendant lamps above your dining area.

3. Bring in some natural materials

Nothing creates a peaceful and welcoming environment as much as bringing a touch of nature indoors. Wood is an extremely popular choice for kitchens this year, especially for dining tables and kitchen worktops. It doesn’t have to be perfect and polished – a rough-hewn look is stylish and modern, while still looking homely and “lived-in”.

Accessorising with a few plants also makes the kitchen feel more personal, and adds a welcome splash of colour to a monotone or neutral colour scheme.

4. Get your lighting right

The right lighting creates atmosphere and intimacy in your kitchen, encouraging conversation and ensuring the room is a truly social space. Of course, you need bright lighting above your workspaces, but a dimmer switch is a great investment, so you can relax the ambience as soon as you’ve finished cooking and you’re ready to eat.

Low-hanging pendant lamps above the dining table lend the area an intimate feel. And if you want to highlight a few particular features, a great way of achieving this is to install spotlights underneath your wall cabinets and within your kickboards.

5. Keep your shelving open

We all love the look of a pristine, uncluttered kitchen – but this doesn’t mean everything has to be hidden away behind cupboard doors. Open shelving is a great way of stamping your personality on your kitchen, as it lets you display items that mean something to you alongside your favourite mugs and recipe books. A few family photographs and treasured ornaments can make all the difference when it comes to making your kitchen your own!
Remember, your kitchen is yours, and it’s the room more than any other that makes your house your home. It doesn’t have to be about what’s trending – it’s more important that it’s a welcoming and relaxing space where you and your loved ones can truly feel at home.
For more ideas about making your kitchen your own, or if you’d like to find out more about our custom fitted kitchens in Liverpool, please get in touch – we’re always happy to help.