The kitchen is the most multi-purpose room in your home. It has to fulfill a variety of functions: cooking space, eating area and a place to relax with family and entertain friends. Naturally, when you’re planning a new kitchen it’s important to stick to your budget – so is it OK to skimp on quality? Here at HB Kitchens, we deal with homeowners planning new kitchens in Liverpool every day. Here’s our advice.


Choose well-made cabinetry



It can often be false economy to choose cabinetry from any of the DIY chain stores that offer kitchens. While cabinets from these stores are likely to be cheaper, they’re often poorly crafted from thin materials that aren’t strong enough to hold their own weight once attached to the wall and filled with crockery. Over time, these units can bow, or even detach themselves from the wall, causing a major safety hazard.


Select a durable finish

A reputable kitchen supplier will use high quality materials that are water resistant, easy to clean, and able to withstand high temperatures. This is vital if you want a kitchen that’s built to last. Chain store cabinetry and kitchen worktops are often poorly finished using cheap substances – these can quickly start to peel, with high-gloss finishes losing their shine. Peeling not only looks unsightly, it is also hazardous to health, as broken surfaces can harbour bacteria.


Make sure all mechanical parts are strong and robust

The working parts of your kitchen are at the heart of its practicality. This isn’t just about the appliances – think of the parts that are used numerous times each day, such as hinges, handles and drawer closers. If these are flimsy and poorly constructed they won’t last long. In addition, if you’re installing a ventilation system, this should be of the highest quality in order to keep the air quality in your kitchen clean.


Use a reputable designer

If you’re not an experienced kitchen designer, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to make the most of the available space. While it can be tempting to shop around and pick up “bargains” from a variety of different suppliers, and have them fitted by a builder, this is often impractical – there’s a chance that an item won’t fit, or that one component can be faulty but you can’t remember where you got it from. Buying everything from the same supplier, and having your kitchen designed by an experienced professional, will add value to your home and prove more cost effective in the long run, as your kitchen will be built to last and provide you with all the storage space you need, within an attractive layout.


Kitchen quality isn’t just about aesthetics – it’s about practicality and safety, which is why it matters so much. At HB Kitchens, we specialise in supplying high quality, custom made fitted kitchens in Liverpool. Call us today for a beautiful, bespoke kitchen that will continue to give you pleasure and functionality for many years to come.