It’s a new year; and here at HB Kitchens we’ve been thinking about what the hottest trends for kitchens in Liverpool will be during 2018. Here are five of our thoughts.


1. Booth seating

When you think of booth seating, it probably conjures up images of pizza restaurants and red vinyl. But the look we’re seeing for 2018 is about natural wood, and transforming a narrow space in your kitchen into an idyllic alcove perfect for enjoying quality mealtimes together.
Alternatively, bench seating against a window can work equally well, with natural wooden chairs the other side of the table.


2. Freestanding shelf units

Open-plan kitchen and living areas remain as popular as ever in 2018 – but they can lack the cosiness and intimacy that many people still see as being central to the heart of the home. A tall, freestanding shelf unit can provide the answer – it retains the fresh, bright appeal of an open-plan layout while creating a slightly separate zone for cooking and entertaining.
It also provides some much-needed extra storage in a way that’s attractive and right on trend!


3. Coloured cabinetry

In 2017, kitchen cabinets simply had to be white. While this still remains the most popular option for the new year, we’re beginning to see splashes of colour making their way back into the kitchen. Try a contrast – a couple of brightly-coloured cabinet doors are a great way to break up the starkness of a predominantly white kitchen. Alternatively, two different shades of the same colour are looking to be hugely popular in 2018 – blues, greys and greens are leading the trend at present (you heard it here first!).
If you don’t feel brave enough yet for coloured cabinetry, you can always add a splash of colour with an exotic rug.


4. Natural materials

As we all know, the environment is set to be a huge issue on everyone’s agenda in 2018 – and as interest in the natural world grows, so does the demand for natural materials in the kitchen, as we all want to become more eco-friendly this year. Cork flooring is set to make a huge comeback this season, although concrete still remains a perennial favourite.
When it comes to kitchen worktops, wood is the trend to look out for – walnut and even plywood are experiencing huge surges in popularity. If you absolutely have to have stone, soapstone, with its variety of subtle colours, is the key trend for kitchen worktops this year.


5. Metallic detailing

Small touches of luxury can make all the difference to the appearance of your kitchen – and this season it’s all about metallic detailing. Expect to see cabinet and drawer handles in gold, copper and nickel.
For the ultimate style injection, add matching taps, and complete the look with lampshades in your chosen metal.

HB Kitchens is always here to provide you with all the help and advice you need on kitchen trends for 2018 – we’ve got years of experience creating beautiful bespoke fitted kitchens in Liverpool for many satisfied customers. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out the best ways to bring the changes in the heart of your home this year!