We all love to spend time relaxing in the kitchen as well as cooking and eating. With open plan kitchens in Liverpool becoming increasingly fashionable, the kitchen has truly become the heart of the home. But quality time can quickly turn sour if you don’t spend a little time on the maintenance of your favourite room. Here we offer a few tips that, if performed regularly, will make the time you spend in your kitchen even more enjoyable.


1. Start with a clean slate every day

Before you start cooking, make sure all your work surfaces, including the sink, are clean and clear, and that the dishwasher is empty. This will give you the space you need to rinse your utensils and dishes and load them into the dishwasher as you go, so your dishes can start washing as soon as you finish your meal. If you leave them until later, it can be tempting to put it all off until tomorrow, when you have to do it all over again!


Likewise, clean your worktops as soon as you finish your meal, so you can have the rest of the evening to relax. For those with granite worktops, the best way to clean them is with hot soapy water and a clean, wrung out, micro-fibre cloth. For wooden worktops, avoid leaving the surface wet, particularly around the sink, and periodically apply Danish oil to restore that attractive natural low sheen finish.


2. Clean your cooker and cabinets often

Ideally, your hob and grill should be cleaned every day, and your oven as often as possible for maximum kitchen hygiene. However, if you want to keep your kitchen looking its best, it’s important to wipe down the outside of your cooker and cabinets every day. If you have stainless steel appliances, remember to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface. It’s also advisable to avoid certain chemical products which can corrode metal – baking soda will usually do the job just as well.

tips for a more happier kitchen


The microwave can often be a particular problem when it comes to stubborn stains. For the easiest maintenance, cover your food with a microwave-safe lid every time you use it, to make sure your food doesn’t splatter the inside of the microwave.


3. Clear out your fridge and food cupboard

At least once a month, it’s important to get everything out of your fridge and food cupboard. Throw away anything that’s out of date, and give the inside surfaces and shelves a good scrub to make sure there are no harmful bacteria breeding in there. This way you can entertain family and friends in your kitchen with complete peace of mind.


While you’re cleaning the fridge, it’s important not to forget the condenser coils – these are the important components that keep your fridge working. They’re usually located at either the back or the bottom of the fridge, and they can easily be swept clean with a brush.


4. Enjoy your clean and sparkling kitchen!

Your kitchen was made to be seen, and a clean and shiny kitchen will be a pleasure to spend time in with your friends and family. Regular upkeep will not only create a healthier living space, it will also prevent the chores from building up, so you won’t have to spend a long time scrubbing off ground-in stains and rust!


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