Make Your Kitchen Your Own

At HB Kitchens, we know that your kitchen is the heart of your home. This is the main reason why we deliver kitchens that are of the highest possible quality and suited to your every need. We specialise in a range of design concepts from modern styles to traditional designs.

‘ Our range of kitchens cover the entire spectrum of colours, designs and styles, from the traditional Cornell range to the contemporary styles of Remo and Porter.’  However, we also know that without your personal touch, your kitchen will never feel like your own. This is why, after the design and build of many quality kitchens across Liverpool and locations beyond, we always say that “We begin with a blank canvas and work with you to make your ideas reality”. With this said, below are just a few ideas how you can create that personal feeling, not only during the design and build phase, but after your kitchen has been complete.


During the design & build Phase:

Unique Layouts

Accuracy is key when building the perfect kitchen.  A professional provider will have the ability to design your kitchen using special computer software, which empowers you with the ability to create the desired layout before the work even begins. If you are using computer generated images, anything can be achieved. Another important factor is that the software can calculate to the nearest Millimeter, which will easily identify what will work from the outset and will also reflect on the quality of finish upon completion when everything within the kitchen works perfectly.


Clever Storage Ideas & Lighting

During the design stage it is important to consider your storage options as there are many innovative ideas available, from corner storage to larder pull outs, internal drawers and pull out baskets.


Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas HB Kitchens Unique Layouts For Your Kitchen - HB Kitchens


Having the correct lighting identified is vital and something that should be discussed throughout the project to create an even balance between practical & sociable. The requirement to efficiently commence with everyday tasks, whilst maintaining an atmosphere for family and social events is one way of making your kitchen something special!


Sleek Appliances

One way to make your new kitchen your own would be to accessorise. In particular the actual appliances. These include kettles, teapots, fridges even utensils, which oftentimes can look like they would just fade into the background due to their colour, and taken for granted by the fact that we all have them in our kitchens.  However, consider what you could do with appliances of varying colours, especially those which could provide a strong contrast to the surrounding walls and worktops. They wouldn’t look out of place by any means, but they would certainly stand out.




So, if you’re thinking about a new kitchen and making it your own or just looking for some inspiration to enhance your existing kitchen, these are just some of the ways you can achieve this, and we here at HB Kitchens will always be happy to try and help you match your vision as close as we possibly can!