The property rental market is booming in our cities; so how do you make your rental property stand out from the crowd? Modern tenants are highly discerning, and as the “heart of the home”, the kitchen is likely to be the most important room on their list when viewing potential properties. We took a look at some rental property kitchens in Liverpool to find out what tenants are really looking for.


Clean and cared for

It goes without saying that the kitchen should be scrupulously clean and well-maintained – no dirty cookers, rusty appliances or peeling paintwork. Prospective tenants are looking for a property they can move straight into without any work needing to be done.


Appliances are a priority

Appliances are absolutely key to getting the right tenants and the rental amount you’re looking for. Today’s property renters have high standards and they will inspect the appliances thoroughly. They’ll want to see modern models that are fully functioning and have been well cared-for. If you’re in any doubt at all about any of your appliances, it’s well worth investing in new ones – this can make all the difference when renting out your property, especially if you can give your tenants the instruction manuals to save them having to waste time figuring the appliances out.

What’s the appliance everyone is looking for? A dishwasher. This will make your property stand out from other rentals, offering an extra touch of convenience.


Go green

Many property renters these days prioritise eco-friendly solutions. If you are purchasing new appliances, it’s worth choosing low-energy models. The prospect of a greener lifestyle and lower household bills will make your property irresistible!


Make it open plan

An open plan layout, with the kitchen leading seamlessly into the living space, is preferred by many prospective tenants. This makes for more convenient family life as well as being more conducive to entertaining guests. If this is a design you can accommodate affordably, it’s well worth taking the plunge and making the renovations.


Contemporary decor


Kitchens & Rental

The vast majority of tenants want to see a contemporary kitchen, ideally with granite or stone kitchen worktops. Stainless steel appliances are the preferred choice; but at the very least, make sure everything matches – if the dishwasher is white, the fridge and washing machine should be, too.
Don’t be tempted to inject any of your own personality into the decor. Keep it as neutral and minimalist as possible, as prospective tenants will want to envisage themselves living there and putting their own stamp on the property when they move their own belongings in.


Practicality makes perfect

Your potential tenants will want to know that living in your property is a practical choice. Plenty of storage space is an absolute must – they’ll want to see adequate cupboards and drawers as well as additional storage solutions such as shelving, especially if the kitchen is on the small side.
The flooring should be hardwearing and easy to keep clean – this is a particularly strong selling point if your target market is families with children, but all tenants are looking for convenience in the property they choose to rent.


A professional kitchen designer can help

If you’re unsure of how best to utilise your kitchen space, or what features to install to attract prospective tenants, you should consider consulting with an experienced professional kitchen designer. At HB Kitchens, we’ve provided a wide variety of bespoke fitted kitchens in Liverpool rental properties – please get in touch to find out how we can make your property the hottest rental on the block.