Being limited on square footage does not have to be a disadvantage for those who need inspiration for a kitchen renovation.

The key is being creative and focussing on the idea of having what you need in one space and making it look and feel effortless.

At HB Kitchens we have designed and installed hundreds of bespoke, custom hand built kitchens from small gallery through to large open plan so we are well acquainted with how to make the most of the available space.

When the space is on the smaller side, certain sacrifices do have to be made to make the most of what you have. This could include incorporating a multi- functional area, possibly a small island or breakfast bar where food prep can take place, or a space for the kids to do their homework while you cook. So, keeping the space uncluttered is the key to making it work. Further to this is aiming for clean lines that follow the existing footprint of the room, keeping choices simple and understated.

In terms of colour, a smaller space benefits more from one tone as this will make the room look bigger.

Choosing one tone that flows throughout, can almost make the kitchen disappear into the background while creating a chic and charming appeal. Equally so, a bright and airy kitchen can be created using shades of white and using marble for worktops, and adding in one contrasting feature such as darker hue on one wall or a contrasting glass splashback behind the cooker.

Lighting is key in any room but needs plenty of consideration in a smaller space.

Multiple light fittings combined to equally distribute bright light will make the room feel bigger. LED or strip lighting are just one way to achieve this. Choosing quality clear light fittings is another trick that allows light to flow while opaque or dark fittings will create the opposite effect. Flush and semi flush ceiling lights with decorative glass can create a style statement making the kitchen space an inviting and luxurious place to be regardless of size.

For those looking to create their dream bespoke kitchen in a small space, researching other small kitchen ideas is a great starting point. By looking at what others have achieved you can borrow ideas and modify them to suit your vision while making the most of every millimetre of space.

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