Why are we so impressed by the Fisher and Paykel Stainless Steel Dishwasher Drawer?

Quite a few reasons really!

When it comes to dishwashers this fab piece of kit does sit at the higher end of the market, however the investment is certainly one to consider. Why?

  • The dishwasher consists of two pullout drawers that can be run separately or together. So in terms of efficiency and energy saving, you can run a small load / staggered load. This feature is great for when you are catering for a larger group, say, a dinner party or Christmas day. Starter dishes can be popped in ( rather than stacking up the sink) for a clean while you are having your main course. When it’s time for dessert, clean dishes are ready and another load can go on.
  • They are great space savers and you don’t have to fully open the drawer to place an item in, unlike a traditional dishwasher, where the door is roughly 50 plus cm opening out or down for access.
  • They have been designed to run quietly.
  • They come with a free 5 yr warranty.
  • You can opt for a single drawer.
  • You can set them vertically in two separate drawers or have them side by side.
  • Elegant stainless steel exterior.

Certainly a relatively new concept compared to the traditional dishwasher but well worth considering due to the excellent reviews – and because they look great too!

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