Having designed and installed hundreds of kitchens over the years, we understand that the finishing touches to any big project are just as important as the bigger choices. In fact, it can become quite overwhelming.

We have found that quality really does matter especially when it comes to choosing taps.

So, when it comes to choosing the right tap there is one particular feature that once experienced, there is no going back! Produced by the market leader, Franke, we love The Franke Fuji Curved Single Lever Pull-Out Tap.

It is certainly a favourite with many of our customers. Why? With its intuitive pull-out feature it offers you control and flexibility for rinsing off food from plates and also for cleaning your sink with ease.

Contemporary and stylish, this tap comes in a number of finishes so it can fit in with a wide range of styles and schemes for your kitchen. Furthermore, it is sturdy and reliable for the cost – you can expect to pay around £300 – £330. You may shop around and find other versions on the market, however, it is very rare that we have encountered any issues with the Franke brand.

Just worth a thought for those of you planning your budget for your new kitchen.