No matter whether your kitchen is large or small, you can never have enough food preparation, cooking and eating space! Luckily there are a number of clever design tricks you can use to maximise the space in the kitchen.
Here are some of our favourite space saving solutions that we’ve discovered during our work on custom kitchens in Liverpool.
1. Pull-out pantries
Pull-out pantries are a simple but effective way of creating more storage space in your kitchen. These are long, narrow cupboards which literally slide out like vertical drawers. They are a great way of using what is often redundant space in the kitchen, as you can install them in corners where your cabinets meet, or at the side of your fridge freezer.
Pull-out pantries have wire shelving inside, ideal for storing tinned and packaged foods. As the shelves pull right out, they’re also extremely easy to keep tidy, so you can always find what you’re looking for!
2. Islands with cupboards and drawers
Your kitchen island is a handy food preparation space, and with stools around it and pendant lighting above, it can also be used as a dining area. However, many islands now offer another degree of functionality, as they come with cupboards and drawers.
This is a great way of freeing up cabinet space, and also enables you to keep your cutlery and plates handy for meal times.
3. Drawers in kickboards
The space behind your kickboards is not normally used for anything other than hiding the legs of your cabinets – so why not make good use of it by turning it into drawer space? Shallow drawers can easily be built into your kickboards, and they are perfect for storing relatively flat items like tea towels and dish cloths.
4. Open shelving
Adding open shelving to your kitchen walls is a highly versatile way of creating more storage space for those items and appliances that clutter up your kitchen worktops! It also looks attractive and makes your kitchen more homely, as it can also be used to display photographs and personal items.
The best things about open shelving is that you can design it to suit your own needs by adjusting the amount of space between the shelves. Ideally, you only need the space to be 5cm more than the tallest object you’re storing on the shelf, to make sure you can slide it out easily.
5. Hooks and baskets
Hooks and baskets are ideal for making the most of your kitchen space. Installing hooks in the walls between your kitchen worktops and your wall cabinets gives you the perfect place to store all your favourite kitchen utensils. As long as they are in good condition, they will make an attractive display.
Baskets can either be hung from these hooks or installed on the backs of your cabinet doors. They are great for holding herbs, spices and sauces, or keeping all your kitchen cleaning products tidy in one place.
6. Consult a kitchen designer
Of course, if you really want a kitchen design that makes the best use of the space, the ideal solution is to have a bespoke kitchen designed specifically for your home.
At HB Kitchens, we design and install custom fitted kitchens in Liverpool, consulting closely with all our clients to ensure we are creating a kitchen that will remain fit for purpose for many years to come.
Please contact us to find out more about what HB Kitchens could do for you!