Top innovative kitchen ideas to make life easier

In our work transforming kitchens in Liverpool, we go out of our way to make sure the space functions as naturally and efficiently as possible. Often there are plenty of simple tricks you can use to make life easier in the kitchen! Here we share a few of our favourite tips with you for a functional and beautiful kitchen.

1. Keep it efficient with multifunctional spaces

The more purposes each item in your kitchen can serve, the more efficiently the space will function. Kitchen worktops with built-in hobs are a perennial favourite of ours, as are islands with storage space inside, that can also be used as a dining area.
A really innovative solution is to transform the space behind your kickboards into drawers. These floor-level spaces beneath your cupboards are ideal for shallow drawers where you can store your cutlery and utensils.
The backs of your kitchen cabinet doors can also be put to good use – add a few hooks or pockets and they’re perfect for storing small items like spice jars, or even hanging pan lids.

2. Save space with sliding solutions

If your kitchen is narrow, opening cabinet doors can be a problem while you’re cooking, as you need enough room to move without knocking pans off the hob. Sliding cabinet doors can be a great solution, as they open sideways rather than outwards, leaving you with all the space you need.
Sliding solutions can be used in a number of other clever ways, too. Slide-out narrow cupboards containing storage racks are an ideal way to use the corner space between cupboards. You can even expand this idea by having a full-length slide-out pantry at the side of your fridge-freezer – it’s ideal for storing a whole range of items while only being a few inches wide.

3. Make the most of smart technology

Many modern appliances can link to smartphone apps. These help you to time your cooking properly, remember to add more salt to the dishwasher, brighten or dim the mood lighting – or even turn appliances on and off when you’re not at home.
This can make cooking and cleaning chores much quicker and easier, leaving you free to spend more time enjoying your kitchen with family and friends. It’s also great for your bank account and the environment, too, due to the power you’ll save, as smart appliances can shut themselves off when they’re not being used.

4. Use all of your wall space

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s a good chance some of your wall space isn’t suitable for cabinets. Why not make the most of this space with shelving?
Shelves are ideal for storing items that you use regularly, but are too oddly-shaped to fit comfortably in a cupboard – the cafetiere springs to mind. By leaving these items on shelves when not in use, they’re easy to retrieve when you need them, but the space looks tidier as your kitchen worktops are free of clutter.
Shelves can also add a personal, homely touch to your kitchen – they’re great for displaying recipe books, family photos and other items that reflect who you are. And that’s what your kitchen should be all about!
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